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The Perry family of Seskinore and Perrymount, county Tyrone

Confusingly, there are two residences in the north of Ireland named Perrymount, after the family that owned them. This page related to the County Tyrone family, who later named their residence 'Seskinore'. If you are looking for the County Down family, then please go to their page.

County TyroneI have not done so much work on these northern families, but below are my attempts to create a pedigree for them, based on the information that I have. This has mainly been compiled from wills, but earlier pedigrees, including one by John O'Hart, have also been used. Some of these earlier pedigrees contain conclusions that conflict with information contained in Betham's will abstracts and so the below chart should be used with caution. If you are descended from this family, then I would suggest that you look at the primary sources yourself, and please contact me if you spot any mistakes!

  • James Perry was granted lands at Moyloughmore (Mullaghmore) in 1662. He is said to be the brother of John Perry and son of Thomas Perry, a welshman. He may have died in 1691, as the estate of a James Perry was administered that year. He had a son:
    • Samuel Perry of Mullaghmore, gentleman, who was married to Katherine Lowry. He died in 1730. He had children:
      1. George of Perrymount died in 1771. He was married to Angel Sinclar, the daugher of the Reverend James Sinclair. They had 6 children:
        • Sinclair
        • Samuel married (1) Jane Olpherts and (2) Mary Boyd. His children were:
          • George
          • Mary
        • John
        • Margaret married her cousin, Edward Perry, son of Samuel (see below)
        • Letitia
        • George
      2. James
      3. Samuel married twice, firstly to Isabella Graham and secondly to Rebecca Galbraith. He had a son:
        • Edward was married to his cousin, Margaret Perry (daughter of George). They had two children:
          • Catherine
          • Angel (married to William Brooke
      4. Rebecca
      5. John appears to have married Anna Sinclair, who died in 1729
      6. Mary
      7. Catherine
      8. Edward

Below are the abstracts for these family members from Betham's will abstracts. See here for more details on this source. It is from these abstracts that I have created the above chart, so if anyone else would like to have a go at this then please feel free!

SurnameFirst nameYearDetails
PerryJames1691No further information
Perry alias SinclairAnn1729Administration granted to John Perry, husband
PerrySamuel1730Wife: Katherine; Son and heir: George; Children: James, Samuel and Rebecca; Children: John, Mary and Catherine
PerryEdward1730Daughter: Catherine; Sister: Rebecca; Brother: John Perry; Sister: Mary; Brothers: Samuel, George and James
PerryEdward1770Wife: Margaret; Aunt: Martha Graham; Uncle: Richard Graham; Step-mother: Rebecca; Galbraith otherwise Perry; Father: Samuel Perry; Daughters: Catherine and Angel; Niece: Anne Richardson; Brothers in law: John Perry, Samuel Perry, George Perry and Sinclair Perry
PerryGeorge1771Wife: Angel; Sons: Samuel and John; Daughters: Margaret and Letitia; Sons: George and; Sinclair; Brother in law: John Sinclair of Holyhill
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