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The Perry family of Kilboy, Tipperary

Artefacts, Perry WellJohn Perry is the earliest Perry to be found in Kilboy. He and his wife, Mary (née Hughes) were the parents of:

  • Henry Perry, who married Ann Toppin in 1786.

Other Perrys in the Killenaule area at the same time may be siblings of Henry. These include:

  • Matthew Perry of Mountnaylor (1770-1850), buried in Ballinure Cemetery
  • William Perry of Cataganstown, buried in Ballinure Cemetery
  • Mary Perry of Cataganstown (1772-1805), buried in Ballinure Cemetery
  • Sarah Hayes, nee Perry (1722-1822), buried in Ballinure Cemetery
  • The husband of Anne Perry (1756-1816) and father of her three children: Samuel, Matthew (1773-1811) and Henry (1794-1816)

Work is ongoing into these family members and their descendants.

Henry Perry and Ann Toppin had 8 children:

  • Mary (ca. 1788-1873)
  • John (ca 1792-1872)
  • Richard (Ca 1797-1879)
  • Thomas
  • Henry
  • Eliza (1802-?)
  • William (1808-?)
  • Unknown (Their grandson, Samuel Perry's biography states that they had 8 children.)

The above John Perry and Susan Minchin married in 1815. When John died in 1872, he named 10 children in his will:

  • Edward Perry was John and Susan's eldest son, named after his paternal grandfather, Edward Minchin. This has now been proven, through DNA testing, to be the same Edward Perry that settled in Liscannor, County Clare some time during the 1840s. There is other evidence for this as well: Edward called his 2 eldest children John and Susan, after his parents; at the baptism of his son, Patrick in 1862, John and Susan Perry are the godparents. Edward's approximate year of birth (worked out from his death certificate) is 1813, which roughly ties in with the date of his parents marriage in 1815.
  • William Perry and Thomas Perry stayed in Kilboy, which is probably why they stayed in their father's favour. William Minchin Perry died there in 1907 and his brother, Thomas in 1904.
  • John, Richard, Matthew and Samuel Perry (the four youngest brothers) went to America
  • Henry Perry, John and Susan Perry's second son, appears in Gloucestershire in 1881. He is a boarder at the house of the King family and a tutor to another boarder there, Glencairn Gun Cunningham, who interestingly is descendant of a member of another Pery family, the Earls of Limerick. In 1882, Henry married Anna Slatter Drew, née Oldland, a relative of the Kings. Although the marriage certificate stated that she was 60 years old, earlier censuses reveal that she was actually 80 on the day of her marriage. Her first husband had been a property developer and when she died several years later, she left her money to Henry Minchin Perry. Henry then disappears from history and we do not know whether he remained in England, went back to Ireland or went elsewhere.

Early in 2010, some medieval artefacts were found at the Perry Well at Kilboy, including a Pieta, a photograph of which is above. Thank you to Sean O'Brien, for allowing me to use his photograph on my website and to Maura Barrett who told me about the discovery. More information on the artefacts can be found here.

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